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Rosa Barba. Drawn by the Pulse

June 22 (20:00)

On June 22, Tabakalera will open the exhibition Drawn by the Pulse by Rosa Barba, curated by Cristina Cámara. At the center of her solo exhibition is Barba’s new filmic sculpture produced by Tabakalera. This piece, from which the show takes its title, is part of a new work series on the subject of the artist’s ongoing research on Astronomy and Cinema. 

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Third expedition. Post-cosmos

Rosa Barba's body of work, themes, images, texts and sounds have provided inspiration for the intensive four-day programme of films and itineraries proposed by the III International Film Seminar. Once again, the focus is on sharing films, texts, processes, audiovisual works, debates and exchanges from one side of the screen to the other.

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Tai Chi Chuan course

Tai Chi Chuan is well known for the habitual sequences of movements performed by its practitioners which are characterised by the union of the consciousness and the movement of the body, slowness, flexibility, circularity, continuity, smoothness, firmness, and the feeling of harmony that they transmit.

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Cinema Billboard

Cinema billboard Tabakalera San Sebastián


21-06-2018 - 20:00

Team Hurricane

A film by Annika Berg. Fluor cinema

10-06-2018 - 19:00 > 22-06-2018 - 20:00


This is a new video in the series of little big stories that may happen any day at Ubik-Creation Library



Cinema without prejudice. Fluoride cinema


  There is an unclassifiable category of cinema for which you have to invent new definitions. Fluoride cinema is a state of mind and spirit: cinema that mixes genres and plays with humour and the idea of metacinema, with films that are very aware both of...

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Nest. Film Students, the San Sebastian Festival short film competition, opens its submission period


The XVII edition of the international film students meeting will run from Monday 24th to Friday 28th September 2018

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Cinema Billboard Tabakalera San Sebastián - June 2018

Cinema - June 2018

Cinema Billboard Tabakalera San Sebastián - June 2018

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Calendar of events - June 2018

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Bi-monthly programme at Tabakalera San Sebastian - May and June 2018