Hirikikas - 3D printing modelling | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

3D printing modelling

3d printing modelling

Have you ever thought about designing and creating your own works printed in 3D? Do you need to create specific parts or objects such as small replacement parts or elements for your furniture or in any way modify something you already have? 3D printing allows for the creation of parts adapted to our needs through the use of different modelling programs.

At previous Workshops we learnt about the basic elements of 3D printing, print materials and the different ways of finishing the works coming out of our printers. In these two sessions we will create basic parts and get to know the basic fundamentals in the process of creating a model from scratch, creating a 2D sketch and later converting it into 3D.


Program for the modelling sessions:

  • Installation of FreeCAD (An open-source parametric 3D CAD software).
  • Review of the repositories of 3D models and examples for their modification.
  • Other softwares such as Autocad, Tinkercad, 123D design, Catia and Solidedge will also be analysed.
  • Once installed, the first exercise will consist of modelling a clamp.
  • In exercise 2 we’ll make a vase.
  • Finally, there will be time to create a work of our choice and, if possible, it will be printed on the spot.

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