Agency of Living Organisms - Agency of Living Organisms: Experimental Visits - Miren Cajaraville, Mikel Agirre | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Agency of Living Organisms: Experimental Visits

Agencia de organismos vivientes

These visits are intended to invite educators, scientists, biologists, historians, anthropologists, students… to open up new interpretations and add layers of meaning to the exhibitions. The idea is to bring about unexpected encounters in the halls to allow trips and tours that would not happen otherwise.

30 November

Miren Cajaraville, Professor of Cell Biology.

25 January

Mikel Agirre, specialist in agroecology. During this experimental visit we will focus on different urban vegetable garden projects at a local level. Because in the city the relationship between nature and humans is constantly transformed. Our contact with the natural processes around us is increasingly lower. Our lack of knowledge is on the increase, we don’t know where our food comes from, nor who produces it and how it is produced. And San Sebastian is no exception. 


Miren Cajaraville

Professor of cellular biology

Mikel Agirre

Specialist in agroecology education