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Agency of Living Organisms: Visits in dialogue to the exhibition

Agency of living organisms - Exhibition visits

The Agency of Living Organisms project seeks to address the interrelations between contemporary urban social structures and nature, from the artistic and collective perspective, by means of organising transient "living” structures, micro-political actions and interventions. Compared to humans, plants and other living organisms have a set of sensorial characteristics that are often surprisingly sophisticated with which they interact and exist in their environment, in the same way that happens in art. 

Exhibitions are spaces that allow certain flexibility when being interpreted and visited; they are also places that provide a direct approach to the specificity of artistic practice. Through the Visits in Dialogue, we propose to delve into the world of the exhibition.

They are paths to making direct contact with contemporary art, in which anyone interested can participate. We move beyond the format of the guided tour and the ways of understanding the exhibition to add, in common, new meanings.


*Sign Language Interpretation Service (SLIS) available by booking in advance:

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Guided tours
08-10-2016 > 25-03-2017 - 11:00 (EU) / 12:00 (ES) - 2nd and 4th saturday of each month

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