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The AirBnB effect in figures, 2018

Report on holiday lets

Efecto AirBnB en Donostia / San Sebastián

AirBnB has been accused of contributing to a rise in housing prices and of disrupting local communities, while others argue that the website's supposed gentrifying effect has been exaggerated. Which viewpoint is correct?

This workshop is a continuation of the one (Maps&Data: The AirBnB effect) held in April 2017. It will update the results from the first report—put together after the last workshop—and attempt to broaden some of the issues and views raised previously.

The report was produced jointly by the workshop participants and reflects the state of affairs regarding AirBnB in April and July 2017. Since then there have been a number of changes to the holiday letting sector, partly owing to the contribution made by this report to the debate. These include the launch of a new municipal regulation in San Sebastián as well as controls on flats used for tourism, reports on home rental prices and new offers in other sectors. The new report will try to reflect the current situation.

This activity is part of the workshop series organised in parallel with the open group Data Commons Lab.



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