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Algorithmic Nature

CC_BY_SA 2.0 Natura algoritmikoa - Jaime de los Ríos

CC_BY_SA 2.0 Algorithmic nature - Jaime de los Ríos

Through a series of parametric applications carried out in the VVVV visual programming language, we will study the basics of the most common equations in the natural world: Particle systems, patterns, fractals, group behaviour, voronoidal generative construction ... to combine it with external elements, such as sound or light, and generate different algorithmic designs for 2D and 3D printing.

Block 1
● Theory of complexity sciences and biomimetics: how does it build nature? A review of the arts and architecture based on inspiration from nature.
● Elementary forces and systems, generative masters.
● Plant and collective organisation algorithms: insects, fish, birds.
● Interaction and effects for real-time visualisation.
● Poster printing and solutions of case studies.

Block 2
● What do big data, artificial intelligence and biomimetics have in common?
● Ways of studying our world.
● Parametric algorythms of 3D construction.
● Generation of figures and algorithmic construction, development based on sensor interaction and 3D printing of biomimetic figures.

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Jaime de los Ríos

Founder of the open laboratory of Art and Science ARTEK[Lab]