Ariketak: La segunda respiración | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Ariketak: La segunda respiración

X-radiograph of Edgar Degas’s “Arabesque over the Right Leg, Left Arm in Front" ©Fitzwilliam Museum

Ariketak: la segunda respiración is the new thematic focus that Tabakalera proposes for the 2018-2019 two-year period, in which it will create a programme that includes conferences, seminars, exhibitions and film and music seasons.

This new project, with a wide scope, will take as the starting point the concept of «exercise», in its most precise meaning: «all the procedures that contain, for the person engaging in them, the goal of improvement».

The dichotomies that have historically marked western thought are related to the division between physical exercise and mental exercise.

Based on such a multi-faceted idea, the aim is to open a reflection process about the concept of exercise that over the next two years will include a variety of points of view, voices and disciplines.


  • Year: 2018 > 2019