Asleep Images - Ángela Millano, Julián Pacomio | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Asleep Images

Residents: Ángela Millano & Julián Pacomio

Photo: Tristán Pérez Martín 


The question that drives this project is: Can an individual person store/be/represent/reproduce cinematic content?
Learning from books, for example, with all the difficulties that this entails, develops into a form of rewriting. When we learn short and simple texts, the variations come in the form of their representation, and the modes of interpretation, locution and intonation every time they are reproduced. But what about memorising things that aren't just texts?  How can a sequence of images be narrated and shown in all their complexity?

Asleep Images is a project whose interest lies in the memory of individuals as devices for storing and reproducing images. We ask how we can memorise and narrate different content (photographic, audiovisual, cinematographic, etc.) and explore the different paths that this statement opens up.


Angela Millano

Ángela Millano