El agua - Elena López Riera | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

El agua

Resident: Elena López Riera


Lenght: 90’

Language: Spanish

Shooting location: Vega Baja del Segura (Alicante, Spain)

Synopsis: It is summertime, and the threat of a powerful storm hangs over a town in the Spanish Levant. Ana is 17 years old and has grown up in the shadows of her mother who disappeared in the last flood, becoming phantasmagorical legend, a character for the townswomen who say that the water there is always mixed with death. In this electric atmosphere before the storm, Ana meets Jose, her first love.

"I was born in Orihuela, a town in the Spanish Levant divided by the Segura, one of Europe's most polluted rivers. I grew up with my mother, my grandmother, and my aunts, surrounded by women that used to tell all kinds of stories to take the ease off the long afternoons of asphyxiating heat. These stories almost always had a true origin (based on events, secrets whispered between neighbours, or family stories), but changed with each new version until some of them became truly fantastic tales. This is surely why I decided, one day, to make films. It was my way of participating in this popular, collective tale that does not distinguish between history and poetry".

  • Date: 20-08-2018 > 29-09-2018


Elena López Riera

Elena López Riera

Film director