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Artist's Space

The aim of Artist's Space is to provide artists and cultural agents resources for the development of artistic projects. These resources include working studios, technical equipment, an international residency programme, as well as a programme for supporting practices and enhancing their visibility. It also provides general information and guidance on administrative issues, scholarships, and other residency programs.

artist's space

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Working studios

Tabakalera developes a programme for the support of artists and cultural agents. The main goal of this programme is to provide support for artistic and creative processes, both technical and conceptual, and at the same time attempt to contribute to the professionalisation of the beneficiaries.

Residencies call result

Tabakalera has publicly announced the result of the call for proposals for residencies in 2019, for which 539 proposals were submitted, 39 more than last year: 377 in artistic projects, 26 in collaborative artistic projects, 55 in artistic research projects and 81 in audiovisual projects. 

Ikusmira Berriak

The fourth edition of Ikusmira Berriak has begun. During the six weeks that the residencies last, the five makers chosen from the 155 proposals received Manuel Abramovich, Nele Wohlatz, Elena López Riera, Arantza Santesteban and Grigory Kolomytsev, will undertake their projects at the Tabakalera Artist's Space.



artist's space - residencies 2017

Artist's Space's Yearbook 2017

Residencies developed at the Artist's Space

Artist's space

Artist's Space

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