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  • Madrassa

    Something to Generate From


    For the residency at Tabakalera, Madrassa Collective aims at complementing and expanding the research developed during the project “Something to Generate From”.

    Something to Generate From
  • Ila Firouzabadi


    Ila Firouzabadi

    This project is inspired by people who are experiencing some sort of violence, be it war, marginalization, discrimination, racism, refugees’ crisis, immigration, inequality, etc.

  • Alicia Martín López


    Alicia Martín López

    DARK MATTER is a project in the shape of a pictorial installation that proposes the creation of a narrative related to the idea of transformation, and to reflect on the immaterial ecosystem of networks we live in.

    Dark Matter, Alicia Martín
  • Ana Rakel Ruiz de Sabando

    Sheltered memories

    Ana Rakel Ruiz de Sabando

    Through a process of searching the streets of Tehran, and taking the Kooshk space as a starting point, Ana Rakel Ruiz de Sabando is going to collect abandoned objects that will act as a basis for this project and as a uniting thread for the collective and individual memories of the city's people.

    Sheltered memories_AnaRakelRuizdeSabando
  • Coche de plástico en un palet

    Natalia Suárez, Gómez Selva

    Coche de plástico en un palet (Plastic car on a pallet) arose from the need of the artists Natalia Suárez and Gómez Selva to work with things that they had found. Through the connection of their lines of work they aim to transform and bring new meaning to things regarded as foreign objects, using what is discarded by others as their raw material.

    Coche de plástico en un palet
  • Nele Wohlatz

    Dormen os peixes de olhos abertos

    Nele Wohlatz

    Three outsiders in a tropical city, passing through places that could be anywhere. A condominium tower with white, empty rooms, made in China bric-a-brac stores, a shark-infested beach, the sea. Lixue, Ah, and Bo live in a reality that sometimes seems like fiction and, perhaps, a prediction of the future for the world's cities. Three verses in an incomplete song, but who is speaking through whom? The alienation of the three, who are so different, yet so similar.

    Dormen os peixes de olhos abertos - Nele Wohlatz
  • Elena López Riera

    El agua

    Elena López Riera

    It is summertime, and the threat of a powerful storm hangs over a town in the Spanish Levant. Ana is 17 years old and has grown up in the shadows of her mother who disappeared in the last flood, becoming phantasmagorical legend, a character for the townswomen who say that the water there is always mixed with death. In this electric atmosphere before the storm, Ana meets Jose, her first love.

    El Agua - Elena López Riera
  • Grigory Kolomytsev


    Grigory Kolomytsev

    Nine years old Andrey lives on the outskirt of a small village near the White Sea. Nervous, tired of poverty and fatherlessness mother keeps Andrey in constant tension and beats him. Once Andrey finds a dead dog on the seashore in a storm - he decides that it is a mystical beast Chupacabra, a goat vampire, which will save his mother from ills and help them to reunite. 

    Chupacabra  - Grigory Kolomitsev
  • Arantza Santesteban Perez

    918 gau

    Arantza Santesteban Pérez

     In the minuscule cell of a police van, a woman that has spent many years in prison told me: to be able to explain what prison is like, you need to have slept in one. Nearly a decade ago, I spent 918 nights in prison. This film is about what it means to live in an isolated world without images.

    918 Gau - Arantza Santesteban
  • Manuel Abramovich

    El oasis

    Manuel Abramovich

    "Why do you want to do porn?" they ask at the casting. "Because I love to feign pleasure". How does pleasure itself become a performance? If an adult film actor transforms their sexuality into a show, where do they find true pleasure.

    El oasis - Manuel Abramovich - Ikusmira Berriak
  • Matthew C. Wilson

    Spectral Exchange

    Matthew C. Wilson

    At Tabakalera Matthew C. Wilson will research for Spectral Exchange , an investigation into operations of power, economics, biology, and perception outside the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum visible to humans. He proposes an interdisciplinary research framework: Spectral Exchange

    Matthew C Wilson - artistic research
  • Marianna Christofides


    Marianna Christofides

    On the basis of four big failed building projects in the greater area of Attica, the audiovisual project OLYMP'S SHEDS reveals the languished sites' current reluctant turnaround.

    Marianna Christofides - olymp's Sheds
  • Izaro Ieregi

    Furniture With Flat Top

    Izaro Ieregi

    By using activities registered in archives and making use of a score and devices that enable us to contort our body and distort our voice. Recording a new event. An exercise of form. 

    Izaro ieregi - working studios for artists
  • Gabriel Garcilazo

    Rojo 40

    Gabriel Garcilazo

    The Rojo 40 project is an information cross-over between medieval alchemy archives and the modern chemistry surrounding industrialised food products. 

    Agua en polvo - detalle - Gabriel Garcilazo
  • Pili Aguado - Illustrator

    Your flowers do not wither

    Pili Aguado

    I conduct analogue, photographic, anonymous archive research and intervene using direct illustration. Working with intervention allows me to reinvent the narrative behind each image to create a collection which takes on its own importance, capable of combining the past with a ‘new idea’ brought in by the graphic interpretation.

    Illustration by resident Pili Aguado
  • The Invasive Garden (Psidium hortus)

    Alberto López, Manuel Prados

    The Invasive Garden (Psidium hortus) proposes the construction of a botanical garden consisting of invasive plant species, based on the identification and study of species of this type naturalised in the Basque Country.

    The Invasive Garden - artistic project - Residency on Earth
  • Aisiar Eho

    Sandra Cuesta Aizkorbe

    This project consists of two actions. The first of these is to cover a boat of 10 metres in length with textile material, and the second is to produce a device to record a song inside the boat.

    Sandra Cuesta - Aisiar Eho
  • Manuel Casellas


    Manuel Casellas

    Galumphing proiektu inudea da eta soilik gauza bat du argi: helburu jakinik ez duen proposamen (apustu) esperimentala da eta izango da. Prozeduretan oinarrituko da, eta, hala, arte esperimentalek artearen ahalmenaren ardatz gisa duten balioa nabarmenduko du. 

    Galumphing - Manuel Casellas
  • Elba Martínez

    Donostia protects me

    Elba Martínez

    This video is about a made-up garden where, by means of some strange and exciting encounters, a series of characters and events take shape under the title 'Donostia Protects Me'.

    Donostia protects me- Elba Martínez
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