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  • David Martínez Suárez

    Black Hole

    David Martínez Suárez

    The title of the project is based on a concept from physical cosmology used to define a finite region of space which connects such a quantity of mass that no particle, not even light, can escape it.

    Black Hole David Martínez Suárez
  • Concrete Flux

    Sophie Dyer, Solveig Suess

    The Concrete Flux collective published its first journal in 2013, Beijing; the focus was the city’s hyper-fast emerging urban spaces and residents’ everyday experiences of it.

    Concrete Flux
  • Itziar Orbegozo fashion film

    I am Awake Now

    Itziar Orbegozo

    This film, I am Awake Now, is a tour through the rooms of an uninhabited house in which some family pictures of a woman that was born and died there are found.

    I am Awake Now Itziar Orbegozo
  • Natasha Marie Llorens


    Natasha Marie Llorens

    The project takes Jean-Luc Nancy’s text L’Intrus as its point of origin, which describes the uncomfortable experience of learning to live with a heart transplant. Through this metaphor, Nancy develops the problem of the stranger or the one who comes unbidden from the outside that is nevertheless integral to society’s smooth functioning.  

    Marseille, January 30, 2017, NM Llorens
  • Biotope

    Yazan Khalili, Lara Khaldi, Irati Gorostidi, Gerard Ortín

    The starting point is the collaboration of Ortín and Gorostidi (local artists) with Khaldi and Khalili (artists based in Ramallah). This collaborative work is structured around the representation of the territory, the border and the relationship between identity and landscape.

  • The body's stories

    Itxaso Díaz, Cai Tomos

    Artists in residence Cai Tomos and Itxaso Díaz formed a group to study the body, its stories and its context.

    The body's stories Cai Tomos Itxaso Diaz
  • If All That Changes Quickly

    Parastoo Anoushahpour, Faraz Anoushahpour, Ryan Ferko

    The starting point for this project is the recently acquired archival footage and scientific written reports from one of the earliest house burn tests ever conducted, entitled The Saint Lawrence Burns.

    If all that changes quickly
  • Maider Fernández Iriarte

    Las letras de Jordi

    Maider Fernández Iriarte

    I use film to get closer to and understand an unknown that I wouldn’t dare approach in any other way.  With my camera as the excuse, I manage to meet people who I wouldn’t otherwise.

    Las letras de Jordi, Maider Fernández Iriarte
  • Julia Pesce

    Aguila de papel

    Julia Pesce

    The intense family and personal experience that I had when immersed in practising Tensegrity in Los Angeles was quickly and partially wiped out a short time after moving away from there, and suddenly being back in my native country.

    Aguila de papel, Julia Pesce
  • Samuel M. Delgado y Helena Girón

    Eles transportan a morte

    Samuel M. Delgado & Helena Girón

    The horizon of the disaster has always been there. Throughout the 15th century it caused powerful and uncontrolled mass rebellions, and sparked several heretical movements that fought against the authority and demonstrated other ways of understanding the world.

    Eles transportan la morte, Samuel M. Delgado y Helena Girón
  • Leonardo Van Dijl


    Leonardo Van Dijl

    Stephanie is a feature film that highlights one year in the life of the 15th year old gymnast Stephanie who’s life completely changes after an serious injury.

    Stephanie, Leonardo Van Dijl
  • Bernd_Behr

    Soft Ground, Hard Light

    Bernd Behr

    A site-specific project that explores the Arditurri mines east of Donostia through the entanglement of their historical mediation with novel computational imaging processes employed in the field of digital archaeology, folding representations of the mine into technologies of image mining.

  • Jorge_Nunez_foto_bio

    Temple of Doom

    Jorge Núñez de la Visitación

    With a VHS camera, filming in the dark and in the sun. The title Temple of Doom has been on my mind.

  • Imagen_30

    Integridad - Efímero

    Imagen 30**. Spring Summer 2018

    This offering hopes to hold a fashion show at Tabakalera, specifically between the side entrance and the interior area where the piano is located and the street area, running up to the steps located in front of this entrance. 

  • Beatriz Setién

    Watercolour and only watercolour

    Beatriz Setién

    I will paint fruit and other objects in watercolour from the actual piece, paying attention not only to that perceived through sight, but also that perceived through touch. The result can be a mix between the figurative and the abstract.

    Watercolor Beatriz Setién
  • Maite Garbayo


    Maite Garbayo Maeztu

    Mugak/Fronteras includes a research and a programme of activities that will comprise workshops, seminars, meetings and a series of interventions in which artists and cultural agents are invited to rethink the idea of the border in our country

    Mugak / Fronteras Maite Garbayo Maeztu
  • Darcy Lange and Tractora Koop. E. residency

    Tractora, Mercedes Vicente

    A residency between Tractora Koop. E and the independent curator Mercedes Vicente to analyse the legacy of pioneering video artist Darcy Lange (New Zealand, 1946-2005) and to prepare an exhibition about his work in Tabakalera.

    Darcy lange: Punch Card Study
  • Matilde y la burbuja

    Naiara Palacios, Silvia Manzana

    Through Matilde’s story we rethink our disciplines (theatre and illustration) as they naturally evolve and merge, becoming a performance and a happening.

    Matilde y la burbuja - illustrated theatre
  • Mikel Otxoteko

    Dance & Drill

    Mikel Otxoteko

    That real, day-to-day sphere has yet to be imagined, in the fullest sense of the verb; a trance that somehow blends folk dance with military expression.

    Mikel Otxoteko
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