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  • Matthew C. Wilson

    Spectral Exchange

    Matthew C. Wilson

    At Tabakalera Matthew C. Wilson will research for Spectral Exchange , an investigation into operations of power, economics, biology, and perception outside the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum visible to humans. He proposes an interdisciplinary research framework: Spectral Exchange

    Matthew C Wilson - artistic research
  • Marianna Christofides


    Marianna Christofides

    On the basis of four big failed building projects in the greater area of Attica, the audiovisual project OLYMP'S SHEDS reveals the languished sites' current reluctant turnaround.

    Marianna Christofides - olymp's Sheds
  • Izaro Ieregi

    Furniture With Flat Top

    Izaro Ieregi

    By using activities registered in archives and making use of a score and devices that enable us to contort our body and distort our voice. Recording a new event. An exercise of form. 

    Izaro ieregi - working studios for artists

Resident Artist's Archive

  • Gabriel Garcilazo

    Rojo 40

    Gabriel Garcilazo

    The Rojo 40 project is an information cross-over between medieval alchemy archives and the modern chemistry surrounding industrialised food products. 

    Agua en polvo - detalle - Gabriel Garcilazo
  • Pili Aguado - Illustrator

    Your flowers do not wither

    Pili Aguado

    I conduct analogue, photographic, anonymous archive research and intervene using direct illustration. Working with intervention allows me to reinvent the narrative behind each image to create a collection which takes on its own importance, capable of combining the past with a ‘new idea’ brought in by the graphic interpretation.

    Illustration by resident Pili Aguado
  • The Invasive Garden (Psidium hortus)

    Alberto López, Manuel Prados

    The Invasive Garden (Psidium hortus) proposes the construction of a botanical garden consisting of invasive plant species, based on the identification and study of species of this type naturalised in the Basque Country.

    The Invasive Garden - artistic project - Residency on Earth
  • Aisiar Eho

    Sandra Cuesta Aizkorbe

    This project consists of two actions. The first of these is to cover a boat of 10 metres in length with textile material, and the second is to produce a device to record a song inside the boat.

    Sandra Cuesta - Aisiar Eho
  • Manuel Casellas


    Manuel Casellas

    Galumphing proiektu inudea da eta soilik gauza bat du argi: helburu jakinik ez duen proposamen (apustu) esperimentala da eta izango da. Prozeduretan oinarrituko da, eta, hala, arte esperimentalek artearen ahalmenaren ardatz gisa duten balioa nabarmenduko du. 

    Galumphing - Manuel Casellas
  • Elba Martínez

    Donostia protects me

    Elba Martínez

    This video is about a made-up garden where, by means of some strange and exciting encounters, a series of characters and events take shape under the title 'Donostia Protects Me'.

    Donostia protects me- Elba Martínez
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