Atalak XXXI

Choreographers: Eneko Gil and Eneko Alcaraz

Atalak - Dantzaz Konpainia

In the framework of the ATALAK initiative, choreographers Eneko Gil and Eneko Alcaraz will present their creations resulting from the work developed for a week with the dancers from the Dantzaz dance company.

ATALAK is an initiative of Dantzaz Konpainia, promoted by Donostia Kultura, which offers choreographers from the Basque Country a week-long creative residency with its 12 dancers.

Tabakalera participates in this project together with Dantzagunea, the Malandain National Choreographic Centre Ballet (Biarritz) and Azkuna Zentroa.

  • Date: Thursday, 30 November 2017
  • Schedule: 20:00
  • Location: Patio
  • Access: Free entry until full capacity is reached


Eneko Alcaraz

Dancer and choreographer

Eneko Gil

Dancer and choreographer