Zoom. Video Laboratory 2017/18 - Audiolab: Sound Workshop - Luca Rullo | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Audiolab: Sound Workshop

Practical workshop on audio recording in audiovisual works

Zoom: Audiolab Lantegia

With the aim of adopting a critical approach to the use of sound in audiovisual works, we present an initial technical workshop on the use of sound recording tools. Following a methodology based on collective practice and group experimentation, we will discover the standards for recording in professional film-making by constructing example sets to try to address the different realities of recording sound on the set. We will review methods of recording dialogues, solutions for microphones with one or several characters, the use and configuration of the time code for synchronising with the image and we will try out different techniques of stereo recording using wildtracks.


Luca Rullo

Sound artist