Opening Programme - KKlekua in the dark - | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

KKlekua in the dark

Manu Uranga

KKlekua in the dark, exhibits a double projection, in response to the specificity of an exercise done by two people, which was registered by two cameras, the night of the 23 Zumaia. This work is framed on the context of a long term project that I have been developing under the title fo Gio bat (Gio bat­Zabala 2013, Gio­bat­Txitxarro 2014, Gio bat­Bulegoa z/b and Gio bat­Bilbao etapa 2014­15)

SELFI in excess; a self portrait done with six cameras. Each of the video cameras is tight to an 1.95cm long aluminium tube. A collaboration with two drumers, Joxean Rivas y Arra (freedrom). The proposal outlines the use of the exhibition and/or the scenic space for the recording and the production of a new video. The act that pursues to propel various aluminium tubes, so that they move over an “X” distance, will be affected by the objects spread out within the space of the exercise. The intervals for initiating a new spacial flight are subject to scores that will have to be improvised by drumers Josean Rivas and Arra ­as well as in relation to the objects­ and that in consequence to the impact of the tubes thrown around, these will have to be reinterpreted, each time, in the form of small constellations.

The proposal aims to reflect on the temporary nature and structure of the production space for a new video, on one hand, and, on the temporary nature of the intervention in the exhibition and/ or scenic space, on the other.


Manu Uranga lives and works in Bilbao. He is currently workin on Gio bat (Gio bat-Zabala 2013, Gio-bat-Txitxarro 2014, Gio bat-Bulegoa z/b eta Gio bat-Bilbao etapa 2014-15) long term project.


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