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13-03-2018 13:24


Cultural fabric is, without a doubt, an essential aspect of constructing a healthy society. Culture (in any of its forms) can provide the tools for taking a critical view of our world, and therefore represents a shared space for uniting the multiple biases which we carry as relational beings. A gradually more globalised era seems to blur and redefine the limits of communication. Artistic creation echoes this, insofar as it is related to its own place in contemporary culture.

Tabakalera's undeniable commitment to its immediate surroundings and clear international perspective visibly feed into its public programme and its planning as a production centre.

The Artist's Space is a clear driver of this commitment—a work space for artists seeking training and resources, and for projects funded through the international residency programme. Tabakalera has taken responsibility for stewarding and facilitating local talent by providing a space and resources for international projects. Each new resident is therefore a new opportunity for learning and a new node in the network.


Sortzaileen gunea - Artista egoilairrak


March will see the start of the residency resulting from the collaboration between Tabakalera and Fundación Cristina Enea in San Sebastián. Manuel Prados and Alberto López with their project El jardín invasor (The Invasive Garden) start a period of research and production themed around invasive plants, looking at the colonial heritage of the great empires and how we live alongside that memory.

Lastly, the call for residencies for 2019 will open in April, constituting a new opportunity for artists who are interested in participating in any of the categories offered in the Artist’s Space.

By supporting creative processes, we continue to support a future in which art and culture play an indispensable role in our lives.

Iker Fidalgo Alday
Coordinator of the Artist's Space

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