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Camilo Restrepo

Camilo Restrepo (1975, Medellín, Colombia). He has lived and worked in Paris since 1999. He is a member of L'Abominable, an independent laboratory for celluloid-based film makers.

His filmography includes 4 short-films, the highlights of which are La impresión de una guerra (Impression of a War) (2015) and Cilaos (2016), both winners of the Pardino d'Argento at the Locarno Film Festival. La impresión de una guerra has also won 7 other rewards at prestigious festivals.

The short films Tropic Pocket (2011) and Como crece la sombra cuando el sol declina (2014) have been included at major festivals dedicated to contemporary Latin American cinema.

On many occasions, Camilo Restrepo’s work explores the use of documentary archive and "found-footage", mixed with images filmed by the director himself.

The short films Tropic Pocket, Como crece la sombra cuando el sol declina and La impresión de una guerra examine the contemporary history of Colombia, each in their own way recalling a documentary work, treated from an experimental narrative.

Cilaos, his first work of fiction, opens up new perspectives in his filmography, without distancing himself fully from the concerns raised in his previous short films. Cilaos explores the mythical roots and indigenous cults of societies affected by "the colonial wound".