Cale, cale, cale! Caale!!! - Card reading - Equipo Jeleton | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Card reading

By Equipo Jeleton

Florilegio. Historia Políticas de las Flores (2017). Equipo Jeleton. Tabakalera

Florilegio. Historia Políticas de las Flores (2017). Equipo Jeleton. Tabakalera

Equipo Jeleton will carry out an initiative in keeping with a series of card readings, making use of the tarto pack specially made for the exhibition Cale, cale, cale! Caale!!!, which is part of the extensive project entitled The Political Power of Flowers

The activity consists of an individualised card reading, that is to say, one person at a time and respecting the privacy of the participants. The duration of each session is fifteen minutes. To request a session, please call 943 11 88 55, where the different slots will be assigned according to the preference of the applicant and based on the availability of slots. The programme is as follows:

17:30 - Public presentation

17:45-18:00 Slot 1
18:05-18:20 Slot 2
18:25:18:40 Slot 3
18:45:19:00 Slot 4
19:05-19:20 Slot 5
19:25-19:40 Slot 6
19:45-20:00 Slot 7


EQUIPO JELETON_La mandrágora (tarot) "Historia Política de las flores" 2 Floripondio, La Taller, Bilbao, 2015

Equipo Jeleton

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