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Carte Blanche: Festival Americana

Presented by Josep María Machado

Festival Americana

If a few decades ago it was relatively simple to follow the so-called indie films of North America at festivals like Sundance (discoverer of the Coen brothers, Linklater, Kevin Smith, Soderbergh, and Robert Rodríguez), today the question we could ask is, where are all these non-mainstream, ground-breaking films now? In an age where YouTube and Netflix have forever changed our consumption habits (WWWideo killed the radio star), it is very much appreciated that a festival like Americana reminds us that "alternative" film still exists on the big screen.

The Americana Film Fest, Barcelona's independent North American film festival, is a collection of the best award-winning full-length features, short films, and documentaries from festivals such as Sundance, Tribeca, and SXSW (South by Southwest), the new indie Mecca.

Why don't these films make it to mainstream theatres? What is it that has changed forever? Through these names and titles, is it possible to discover traces of style, forms, and stories that will define the future of cinema and audiences?