Cartes Blanches (CB) - Carte Blanche: Zinetika - Laida Aldaz Arrieta | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Carte Blanche: Zinetika

Zinetika, Dance and Film Festival

Zinetika presents the movement from a cinematographic view, where the multiple relationships between the body and the camera are explored. It is a platform that establishes international links between artists and entities, enriching the cultural exchange.

This festival organized by el Trastero Creativo and co-produced by Dantzagunea has the collaboration of the Pamplona City Hall, the Navarre Film Library and Library, the Deputation of Guipuzcoa, Tabakalera, La Caixa, Arena Audiovisual Communication, Tres Reyes Hotel, Asador Erreleku, Diario de Navarra and Mecna.

The screening session will be presented by Laida Aldaz Arrieta, director of Zinetika Festival.


Laida Aldaz Arrieta

Pluridisciplinary artist. Director of Zinetika, Dance and Film Festival.