Cartes Blanches (CB) - Cartes Blanche: Ikusmira Berriak 2017 - | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Cartes Blanche: Ikusmira Berriak 2017

Ikusmira Berriak 2017. Gutun zuriak

Ikusmira Berriak is a residence programme for the development of audio-visual projects organised by the San Sebastian Film Festival and Tabakalera, in collaboration with REC Estudio de grabación and the Basque Film Archive and is part of the legacy of Donostia / San Sebastian 2016 European Capital of Culture.

Every year we select four projects which are worked upon, in terms of writing and development, by a group of international experts and film professionals, over six weeks, during August and September. The residents of this third edition have been invited to programme a film they consider crucial to their career or that is in any way linked to the project they are developing. We want to know what images and stories have influenced their outlook and creative process.

This year’s residents are: Maider Fernández Iriarte, Helena Girón and Samuel M. Delgado, Julia Pesce and Leonardo Van Dijl.