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Ciclos y Festivales

Ciclos y Festivales

Ciclos y festivales

  • From 29 April 2020
    to 03 June 2020


    Online exhibition

    An online exhibition curated by Jaime de los Ríos that explores trans-museum formats on the Internet based on the concept of connection, collective participation and telepresence.

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  • From 06 March 2020
    to 23 August 2020
    Location: Exhibition Hall
    Cybernetics of the Poor

    Cybernetics of the Poor: Activity-programme

    The activity programme that accompanies this exhibition is aimed to better understand the thesis posed by the curators.

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  • From 02 October 2019
    to 02 September 2020
    Location: Cinema
    Rainer Werner Fassbinder

    Focus: Fassbinder

    This cycle is an exciting journey to Fassbinder's work through 58 sessions, in which 35 feature films and the two short films directed by the German filmmaker will be screened.

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  • From 27 June 2020
    to 05 September 2020
    Location: Cinema
    Self-Portrait by Joanna Hogg 1980 ©Joanna Hogg

    Focus: Joanna Hogg

    Cinema returns to Tabakalera with a new Focus: a complete retrospective on Joanna Hogg, considered ‘one of the best kept secrets of contemporary British cinema’. 

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  • From 17 February 2020
    to 31 December 2020
    Location: Espacio de creadores


    eremuak is a space set up to implement the context of artistic practices in the Basque Country

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  • From 01 June 2020
    to 01 June 2022
    Location: Plaza


    An intervention by Julio Le Parc

    The exhibition of the monumental installation Kuboa by the Argentinian artist Julio Le Parc happens because of Tabakalera’s interest in bringing and presenting artistic proposals outside the exhibition spaces.

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