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Cinema and architecture 2016

Architecture and historical memory

Still: La ciudad del Trabajo, by Guillermo G. Peydró.

La ciudad del trabajo, by Guillermo G. Peydró

Autumn is the season of architecture: on the one hand, there is the celebration of World Architecture Day on the first Monday in the month of October. On the other, with our various programmes dedicated to new urbanism, construction and a reflection on art and the technique of planning, designing, building and modifying the human habitat. The audiovisual area will offer three titles that address architecture purely from the cinematic. This year, we are focusing on the relationship between architecture and historical memory

The idea of this cycle is to add and remove layers of discourse to and from a building: from a voice-over generating "politics" from the apparent neutrality of a building, to merely viewing it without adding speech. All to find, in the end, that the architecture itself includes the human dimension in its essence and, therefore, the possibility of complete destruction.

  • Date: Sunday, 2 October 2016 > Saturday, 19 November 2016
  • Location: Cinema - Screen 1
  • Access: Ticket
  • Price: 3,5€
Cinema and architecture 2016:


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