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Re-grouping, Lizzie Borden, 1976

Re-grouping, Lizzie Borden, 1976

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Aiming to generate a space of exchange, shared thought, reading and discussion about the fact of programming cinema we are launching a new project called Programming Group. Our goal is to invite motivated people (whether or not they attend our screenings, or participate in our audiovisual workshops and labs) to discover what does it mean to program a film and to join a collective of film programming. In this first year, we focus on the relationship between film practices and the feminism: Which What is the History history of the feminist cinema? Who are its directors? Which are its basic titles? Where and for how much can we get those films? How to program them?

The first chapter of the project consists on building up the film program and organizing working sessions about specific films and guests. Later in 2018, the group will organize public screenings and presentations of the films discussed in the working sessions. This group is an open project and anybody interested in cinema, feminism and audiovisual curatorship is welcome to join. it.

To launch the project we offered a carte blanche to the our friends at the Mostra Internacional de Films de Dones de Barcelona (November 24), who will also be the guests in the first working session (November 25th, noon). On the other hand, during November and December we dedicate a focus to a key figure in the history of feminist art: the Austrian filmmaker VALIE EXPORT.

First session: November 25th, 12pm
Second session: December 16th, 12pm