Hirikikas - Citizen sensors and LoRa networks - Unai Gorrotxategi Sabino | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Citizen sensors and LoRa networks

LoRa networks

In this workshop, we shall look at the steps necessary to start a LoRa network (low power, high propagation), from the very moment of configuration of a gateway or link gate, to the eventual connection of some sensors.

These types of networks are now classified within technologies associated with the so-called Internet of Things and are linked to Smart Cities, a term that has crept into our outlook with the logical, intrinsic, ideological charge it undeniably has.

There are, however, more opportunities now than ever for suitable appropriation of technologies and for making the right use of the latter to fashion a common city model framed from a critical civic standpoint.





Unai Gorrotxategi Sabino

Computer technician, open source software developer and system manager

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