City and other policies | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

City and other policies

City and Other Policies was launched in 2013, when the walls of the Tabakalera building were still being demolished and rebuilt. The project was intended to serve as a constant questioning of the policies running through the actions and strategies of government and control over the public, stressing the political dimension and competence of both the city and the territory. 

City and Other Policies starts from a recognition of the process of mercantilization of public spaces that has guided urban planning and the role played by architects as allies of the Fordist capitalist propaganda. This context has led to a loss of meaning of the construction of the common and a defusing of the political subject. City and Other Policies is a search for other ways of addressing the work of architecture by loosening ties with the hegemonic powers and aesthecised policies. This displacement involves overcoming the logic of control over the spaces where life happens to revive the community logic that stresses experience, participation and social spontaneity over any other motivation. Taking architecture as a possible tool of emancipation, places of dissent and fiction are fostered with which to feel for cracks for constructing another city and another territory.  


  • Year: 2013 > 2016


Ibon Salaberria San Vicente

Architect and university lecturer.

Ula Iruretagoiena Busturia

Architect, urbanist and university lecturer in UPV-EHU