City and Other Policies 2017-2018: Geographies and Forms of Power

City and other policies 2017-2018

Michael Nash. Warsaw, 1946

Cities and Other Policies is a project born in 2013 that questions the policies that inform government actions, strategies and forms of control over that which is public.

Its horizon, in terms of programming outlook for the next two years, is aimed at examining the problematic aspects of spatial practices derived from forms of power in order to determine the forms and mechanisms of the devices of distortion and violence that have a bearing on territory, and how they function.

For its 2017-2018 edition, the programme will try to offer a look into architecture as a tool to produce and exercise violence and, therefore, as a physical format that holds information about stories of contemporary conflicts. Our approach to the subject matter of architecture is intended to recognise said discipline as a record of events and actions that show –or provide evidence for– the complex nature of the story of the types of violence to which bodies are subjected. The programme will attempt to discover the contexts in which architecture plays a vital role as a witness, agent or apparatus that reveals the geographies of power. 


Ula Iruretagoiena Busturia

Architect, urbanist and university lecturer in UPV-EHU

Ibon Salaberria San Vicente

Architect and university lecturer.

Blanca Pujals

Blanca Pujals


Léopold Lambert

Léopold Lambert

Architect and editor-in-chief of 'The Funambulist'