City and other policies (III): Towards emancipated architecture - City and other policies (III): Towards emancipated architecture - | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

City and other policies (III): Towards emancipated architecture

architectura assasinata

Architetura assassinata

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This fourth edition of City and Other Policies is taking an approach to emancipated architecture from a practical, active standpoint, an approach that brings a discussion about the limitations and opportunities of the transgression of architectural structures and new political positions arising.

The sessions, in conference and workshop format, will take place in May 2015 with lecturer Xavier Antich (22 and 23); October (2 and 3) with architect and lecturer Uriel Fogué and in November (13 and 14) with Cristina Goberna, architect, educator and critic.


  • Talleres Conferencias y seminarios
    22-05-2015 > 23-05-2015

    In an attempt to imagine the emancipated architecture, this third edition of "City and other policies " will examine the role that historically has had the practice of architecture in those historical moments when social models where called into question .

    Location: -

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  • Conferences and seminars
    02-10-2015 - 19:30

    Which are the political capacities of architecture and design? Is architecture involved in determining cohabitation frames? Are the descriptions that define architecture as a political and emancipatory device still correct?

    Location: - Sala Z

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  • Presentations
    03-10-2015 - 11:00-13:30

    Architect and professor Uriel Fogué will offer a conference and also conduct a workshop within "City and Other Policies" programme.

    Location: - Z Aretoa

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  • Workshops
    13-11-2015 > 14-11-2015 - Lecture (nov.13) 19:30 | Workshop (nov. 14) 11:00-13:30

    This theoretical-practice conference and workshop will explore the possibility of the existence of Agonistic Architecture from three different perspectives: education, architectural representation and the construction of the city in its relationship with capital.

    Location: - Artist's Space

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