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Reservas Biblioteca Tabakalera, contenidos y dispositivos

At the Tabakalera Creation Library you will have an opportunity to book or reserve documents, resources, spaces and help.  The service is free of charge but you have to be a member: Login/Registration


Reserving content

There is also a possibility not only of borrowing but also reserving the books, magazines/journals, video games, films, music CDs or any other content type available in the creation library. 

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Booking spaces and resources

As the main feature of Ubik is to learn, do and enjoy, it is essential to provide resources to ensure that these three actions can be fulfilled. So members are offered the chance to book the library’s spaces and some specific resources. Each space is geared towards a specific use and experience and so each one is equipped with various resources. 

What is more, the resources that are not linked to a physical space can be booked directly. 

* Online reservation will be shortly available.


Booking help

An assistant will provide fifteen minutes’ worth of basic instructions about what a member wishes to use so that he/she can use the library’s services on his/her own. 

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Loan service

Ubik provides for the possibility of taking the content, equipment or toys available in its library out of its physical space.

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Tabakalera Card

Getting a Tabakalera Card is simple, fast and easy. And, most importantly, it offers you advantages with regard to various services on offer in the cultural project. In addition, it is the key that allows you to access all services of the Ubik creation library, content and resource reservation and loan, among others.