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Curating projects

Curating programme: Module 1

Curating projects

Curating Projects is the first module of the Curating Programme that will take place over the next two years. This module is devoted to curating practice in which the curator works in close contact with the artist or agents involved in the project. In this relationship, curator and artist shape an artistic project and the curator acts as a mentor in the creation process, but also provides conceptual and critical assistance in the different stages of the process, from the initial phase through to formalisation and production.

The relationship between curator and artist is full of nuances and meanings. This first module seeks to complicate and qualify these issues in theory and in practice, enabling a productive look at the work that the curators and artists are doing jointly. We will explore the notion of the curatorial as a theoretical body, while intertwining it with the praxis in specific examples.

The module will include theory sessions, screenings of films, a visit to an exhibition and sessions with relevant persons invited to chip in. Coordinated by Catalina Lozano, it will have the collaboration of Michele Horrigan and Sean Lynch, artists and curators responsible for Askeaton Contemporary Arts in Ireland and Caterina Riva.


  Open Call - Curating Programme - Module 1 (pdf - 0.1mb)


Catalina Lozano

Independent curator and writer

Sean Lynch


Caterina Riva

Curator and writer