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Dancing with technology

What does technology have to do with dance or theatre?

Hirikilabs dancing with tecnology

The curtain is pulled back, the light comes on, music plays over the speakers, a video is projected onto the stage... and suddenly the dancer appears!

Technology has an important role in performing arts: music, sound and images trigger emotions, intrigue and suspense. A technician usually controls all this, and a huge amount of creation and production goes on beforehand.

In this workshop for children and families we’ll connect dance and technology. We’ll create a play based on dance and our body, and we’ll embellish it with technology. Playing with the lights, making projected scenery, creating interactive stage props... the creative possibilities with technology in the world of performing arts are countless. We’ll experiment with technology and dance to bring a performance to the stage that lets us interact with the audience. Dancers Begoña Krego and María Martín along with artist Fabián Morales will be there to help us.

Over the course of four Saturdays in June we’ll experiment with our bodies and learn the secrets of these technologies, and on 1 July we’ll bring our work to the stage as part of the Kamaleoiak Gara! programme for families.



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María Martín

Dancer and choreographer

Bego Krego

Dancer and choreographer

Fabián Morales Sánchez

Audiovisual content producer and member of Social Sound