Contemporary and Electronic Music Meeting


Dantz is a contemporary music and electronic music Festival, the first edition of which will be held on 1 and 2 September in San Sebastian.  The Festival covers from a more experimental style of music to more danceable music. The festival will be held in many locations, such as Tabakalera, Gazteszena, LeBukowski, El andén and La Farándula.

In addition to being one of the key spaces of this festival and to hosting many concerts in its installations, Tabakalera has contributed the following activities to the schedule of Dantz: a live performance by Basque artist Mattinan introductory workshop to modular synthesis in Hirikilabs, and the screening of two films (Stations of the Elevated and The Revolution Will not be Televised).





1 September

Néstor Basterretxea square

15:00 Gara Pemaulk & Zuaitz (Erresistentzia Taldea) (DJ set)
16:30 Eguzkiaren Semea & Friends (Live mix, Molotoff Irratia) (DJ set)
18:00 Frances Be (DJ set)
19:00 Nathan Joy (Heroin) (DJ set)
20:00 Galiano (ID) (DJ set)



Digital visual exhibition, NANA (Jaime de los Ríos) (the whole day)

19:00 Z hall: Lafidki (Camboya) / Live + VJ
20:00 Contemporary Cinema: Stations of the elevated, Manfred Kirchheimer, EUA, 1981, 45’
21:00 Patio: Pelax & Telmo T. (Live)
22:15 Patio: Amsia (Live)
23:00 Patio: Reykjavik606 + Inesfera (Live)



Aranya & Maikol (DJ set)


La Farándula
Disco Bambinos (DJ set)


El Andén Café Teatro
Joke De Vriese + Efecto Secundario &  MJPQ (Erresistentzia Taldea) (DJ set)


2 September

Néstor Basterretxea square

13:00 The Beltza Vermú Sessions / DJ Artie Escolar (DJ set)
15:00 Syr (DJ set)
16:00 Telmo Trenor (DJ set)
17:00 Mad Muasel (DJ set)
18:30 Las Marines (DJ set)
20:00 Blami MC (DJ set)



Digital visual exhibition, NANA (Jaime de los Ríos) (the whole day)
12:00 Hirikilabs: an introductory workshop on modular sound synthesis
16:00 Z Aretoa: Miguel A. García (Live)
17:00 Kutxa Kultur Kluba: Boris Divider and Arcanoid (Drunkat Experience).
18:00 Workshop hall: Mattin. Social dissonance (Live performance)
19:00 Z hall: Lehior (live)
20:00 Contemporary Cinema: The Revolution Won’t Be Televised, Rama Thiaw, Senegal, 2016, 110’


Tabakalera, patio (entry: 10 €)

20:00 Kiki Hitomi (Live, Japan)
21:00 Islam Chipsy & EEK (Live, Egypt)
22:30 SKIP&DIE (Live, South Africa / Netherlands)


Gazteszena (entry: 10 €)

Big hall:

00:00 Reisa (Live)
01:00 Nightmares on Wax (DJ set, UK)
03:15 Session Victim (Live, Germany)
04:30 Daniel Haaksman (DJ set, Germany)

Little hall:

00:00 Manci (DJ set)
01:30 Ope Loeb / Alvva (Oreka) (DJ set)
03:00 PIEK
04:30 Keep_A & Balza (DJ set)