Summer workshops - Dezibel. Fine-tuning hidden sounds - Ibon Alonso, Fabián Morales Sánchez | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Dezibel. Fine-tuning hidden sounds

Dezibel workshop Ubik

In this workshop, we will create music without conventional instruments. We will use everyday objects and record their sounds. We will experiment with the various tools that are today within everyone's reach.

Neither prior knowledge, music theory, nor audio production will be necessary. All that's needed is the curiosity to dive deeper into the world of sound.
We will review the best-known recording techniques, the importance of acoustics in obtaining different results, and different mixing advice in order to get a professional level of production.

We will reflect on the power of obtaining sounds not just for storing information, but also for its documentary nature, understanding that all objects and sounds are capable of being transformed into an instrument or musical note.

We live in a time where multimedia content is flourishing, with it being consumed and created by a great number of people. Vlogs, podcasts, films, video CVs, presentations... We hold our own and give sound the importance necessary, with it often times being forgotten or left in the background. Because when sound is good, the image looks better.

Note: we recommend the participants to bring their own laptop and headphones.



Ibon Alonso

Sound technique

Fabián Morales Sánchez

Audiovisual content producer and member of Social Sound