Kamaleoiak Gara! Programme - Discovering the undersea world - María Martín, Bego Krego, Fabián Morales Sánchez | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Discovering the undersea world

An experiment that combines dance and technology

dancing with technology

A performance created in Tabakalera, a result of the Jolabs workshop Jolabs. Dancing with technology made with youths and families in the Hirikilabs laboratory.

Based on a choreography created by dancers Bego Krego and María Martín and audiovisual producer Fabián Morales, the workshop participants have developed this dance performance over the course of four sessions. Combining on the one hand movement and dance, and on the other technique and interaction, an environment has been created for live improvisation.

On stage we will see the two dancers and the families that took part in the workshop, inviting the audience to be part of the performance. Using interactive lights, electronics, video projections and regular day-to-day objects, a submarine world will be created, giving life to the beings that inhabit it. It will be an experiment created in the laboratory, where participants are part of the process of a performance from start to finish.


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María Martín

Dancer and choreographer

Bego Krego

Dancer and choreographer

Fabián Morales Sánchez

Audiovisual content producer and member of Social Sound




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