Hirikikas - DIY citizen astronomy - | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

DIY citizen astronomy


This workshop offers participants a chance to build useful solutions for amateur astronomers, based on open code technologies.

The area of the astronomy is prospering much of the civil collaboration. With the need of capacity for the accused of information projects developed as the SETI@Home. But people that are enthusiastic about astronomy begin to be employed also at other offers related to set of instruments to be able to do their observations. In this respect of August we propose to be employed for several days at the possibility of constructing solutions from opened technology that  could be useful for fond astronomers, and taking advantage of the possibilities and the knowledge shared concerning opened technology.

The idea of doing it these days is also because of the maxim of the Perseids is celebrated on August 11, 2016, and we will take advantage also of this meteor shower to prove our project.