The education department strives to generate dialogues between communities and Tabakalera's cultural project. It therefore holds all kinds of activities such as visits, workshops ... so that the public can get closer to the exhibitions and learn about the building and the cultural project's lines of work. The education department also develops programmes in partnership with schools and other groups to create projects that promote community learning.

Education art

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Zoom. Video Laboratory

This is a work group for young people interested in delving deeply into the audio-visual, contemporary culture and art. If you are between 16 and 21 and you wish to see and make films, and talk about your interests and concerns, do collective work... this is the space for you. 

Programme with the teaching staff

We consider those encounters to be spaces to generate joint learning processes, discover the existing needs and interests and enable open educational tools. Therefore, we offer a dialogue framework between education and contemporary culture.

REC: Experimental Cinema

Audio visual workshop for secondary, and upper-secondary school groups whose aim is working with the audio-visual as a tool for building and giving visibility to modes of self-representation.

0-6 Bizi!

0-6 bizi! is a project for children aged 0 to 6 and their families, where they put into practice the education and creativity of young children and we deal with topics of interest to mothers and fathers.

Mañana Goodbye

Mañana Goodbye is a series of twelve chapters that can be visited in the Storage, where it is set up as an audiovisual installation, and  will be activated through different education programmes: History, Memory and Work and Let's Continue Working together?

Kamaleoiak gara!

Kamaleoiak Gara! is a programme of activities open to young children accompanied by an adult. Mothers with sons, fathers with nieces, grandmothers with grandchildren ... 



Schools and associations

In order to enable a lasting relationship between Tabakalera and the educational community, we offer different programmes to meet the different needs and time constraints such as workshop walks for primary, secondary, upper-secondary school groups and associations, co-designed mid and long-term programmes, the programme with the teaching staff... We delve further into contemporary creation by means of interventions in the public space, workshops, film sessions, experimental activities and exhibition walks.

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Visits in dialogue to the exhibition - guided tour

Visits in dialogue

Through the Visits in Dialogue, we propose to delve into the world of the exhibition I Never Said Umbrella by Itziar Okariz.

Experimental visits to the exhibition

Experimental visits

These visits are intended to invite educators, scientists, biologists, historians, anthropologists, students… to open up new interpretations and add layers of meaning to the exhibitions.

Testu-inguruan: Exhibition Research Group

Testu-inguruan: Research Group

Testu-inguruan is a learning group that accompanies Tabakalera exhibitions.