Eginzaleak | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián


  • Year: 2020

Eginzaleak! encompasses a series of activities around citizen technology in areas as diverse as digital production, design, hardware development, research around new uses for coding and software, and more. All of these areas come to life through transversal, artisanal, open, and collaborative practices that represent the way things are done by the community of individuals that use Medialab, Tabakalera's citizen laboratories for digital culture and technology.

Over the course of a week, there will be activities to help us jump in and understand this way of thinking through doing.  Everyone interested is invited to come to the fair, where the most diverse projects and offerings will surely awaken our imaginations and spark interest in the creative and social possibilities that present themselves when we have access to technology. 

In this 6th edition of Eginzaleak! week, the initiative welcomed Rehogar, a special guest that works on reuse and open design. The open call celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2018 and, just like every year, the selection of work submitted culminated in an exhibition: Rehogar X, which was installed for two months at Hirikilabs (3rd floor). In addition to the exhibition, there were also activities such as a workshop in collaboration with Rehogar X and Hirikilabs that welcomed one of the groups that participated in the showing.