Eginzaleak! 2017 | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Eginzaleak! 2017

5th Citizen Technology and Digital Manufacturing Week

Eginzaleak - 5th Citizen Technology and Digital Manufacturing Week

Eginzaleak! involves a number of activities based around citizen technology, in areas as diverse as: digital manufacturing, design, hardware development, research on new uses for code and software... All of these areas come to life with these cross-cutting, artisan practices, which are open and collaborative and together shape the way of doing things for the community of people that use the Tabakalera citizen digital culture and technology laboratories, Hirikilabs.

During the week, we will find activities that will allow us to immerse ourselves and understand this way of thinking based on making and, on Saturday, everyone is invited to attend a fair, which will bring together the most diverse projects and proposals, that are sure to awaken our imagination and interest regarding creative or social possibilities that open up when someone has access to technology.

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