Guest school: La universidad del cine - El custodio - | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

El custodio

A film by Rodrigo Moreno

El custodio, Rodrigo Moreno

El custodio, Rodrigo Moreno, Argentina, 2005, 93’

After graduating with a degree in directing from the Universidad del Cine and launching a successful international career with his work, Rodrigo Moreno is today one of his alma mater's staff of professors. The film that we are presenting in this cycle is his first solo full-length feature film. Prior to this, in 2002, he had directed El Descanso together with Ulises Rosell and Andrés Tambornino, and acted as screenwriter and director for a chapter of the collective film Mala época, which was produced by the university.

El Custodio's debut at the Berlin International Film Festival was quite the event, as the film won the prestigious Alfred Bauer Award, which the festival awards to works that "open new perspectives on cinematic art".

Before us is a severe, elegant, and devastating film. It is one of those stories that presents a clear, direct storyline that formally follows its lead characters: Rubén is the Minister's bodyguard. His life consists of being nearly invisible, of protecting from the rear-guard, in being present while barely appearing in the scene. Before us are two sad, solitary characters: the Minister and the man who protects the Minister, his guard. The film observes and dissects these two dismal, daily lives through minimal details and suggestions. What would happen if this balance is broken? What is really happening inside these characters beyond this apparent cold and objective order? What is about to explode?