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- Cancelled - El juego de la silla

A film by Ana Katz

El juego de la silla, Ana Katz

El juego de la silla, Ana Katz, Argentina, 2002, 93 minutes

Víctor Lujine has lived in Canada for several years, but he has to return to Argentina for a day, having been sent by the company he works for. During that stopover in Buenos Aires his is able to visit his family, with which he has had hardly any contact during all that time. The Lujine family, excited about his visit, set out to make up for lost time and prepare an uninterrupted series of family rituals in his honour: games, songs, meals and demonstrations of love in the form of a programme for Victor’s brief stay in his native land. The result is a situation comedy that mixes high doses of humour, a certain pathos and the drama resulting from the family get together and the conflicts that arise. And several questions hang over the film: To what extent is it possible to escape this bond of tradition and family formalities? To what extent is the observation of that family intimacy also a portrait of ourselves?

Ana Katz graduated as a director from the University of Film. She appeared in the credits of Mundo Grúa (1999) by Pablo Trapero where her name was associated with the tasks of assistant director. Her first feature film, El juego de la silla (2002), had considerable impact at the international festivals, receiving, among others, a special mention from the jury at the San Sebastian Festival and the prize for best first film at the Festival of Toulouse.