Generative Nature season - Experimental workshop on generative design and natural patterns - | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Experimental workshop on generative design and natural patterns

Generative design - María mallo -photo montage by Carlos Fernández

Photo montage by Carlos Fernández.

This workshop is based on collaborative work and learning models through action. The general theme revolves around generative design, digital manufacturing, natural patterns, complex geometries, reactive structures and interaction with users.

The specific objectives of the group will be set in the first two days of the workshop, based on the interests of the participants. We will work by creating prototypes through digital manufacturing, also using the standard materials in this field (wood and plastics) and others that allow greater adaptability, such as latex or silicone.

The end result of the workshop is open, covering anything from experimental models to applications such as product design, architecture and art installations

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