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Feminist Pedagogies: Alu Ulu Forum Theatre

Women's sexuality through humour

alu ulu forum theatre feminist pedagogies

For this event the Feminist Pedagogies group has invited the Alu Ulu Teatro Foro. Sexuality almost always appears in a very vague way in the field of education and it is interesting to address these topics through humour and based on other formats and practices that provide us with other educational strategies.

Alu Ulu Teatro Foro is covering a vacuum detected by the Arremanitz cooperative (a collective that has been working for years on co-education). They work on sexuality, and in particular on women's sexuality, from the perspective of equality. The aim is to promote the erotic culture of good treatment.

After the theatre there will be an education space for the teachers and those attending the forum will have the chance to reflect on what has happened. In addition, strategies and tools to be included in educational practice will be shared. They will work in groups with a coordinator and creativity and the possibility to express oneself by different means will be encouraged. The forum will contribute towards a new erotic culture and towards addressing issues related to women's sexuality.

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