Feministaldia 2016 - #Square

XI. Feminist Culture Festival

Feministaldia 2016 - Kultura Feminista Jaialdia

This year we're offering #Square as a space for agency and power

A Square as a transformable place

A Square as a space of possibilities

A Square where we can go out

A Square where we can take the floor

A Square where we can be, day and night

A Square that is safe

A Square as a place for politics


Feministaldia #Square 



*Sessions at Z Hall can be followed online at http://streaming.tabakalera.eu

12 and 13 December

17:00 - 20:00 - Workshop Room

Feminist strategies in education II - Youth, diversity, and relationships


Feminism and proper treatment as a resource for faculty.

Edurne Epelde Pagola and Edurne Mendizabal – Arremanitz kooperatiba


The closet... for coats! Preventing LGBTIphobia in adolescence

Miriam Aleman Calatayud - Asociación Candela

Further information and registration: Feminist Strategies In Education II



14 December

18:30 - Room Z

Round table: Feminist Economics

Globalisation, the destruction of common assets, and violence against women (EU ->ES)

Silvia Federici


Economic spaces for feminist subversion? (ES)

Amaia Pérez Orozco


21:30 - Kutxa Kluba

Plácida Ye-Yé Dj


15 December

18:30 - Room Z

Round table: Estatugintza Feminista

Feminist State: Liberal state-phobia in radical feminism (EU ->ES)

Jule Goikoetxea


From political to personal (EU ->ES)

Onintza Enbeita


20:30 - Room Z

Kancaneo Theatre: Pa ti pa mí. Improv duo



16 December

18:30 - Room Z

Conference: Legislative wishes and other ways of hoping for Euskal Herria. examples since 1950 (EU ->ES)

Ibai Atutxa


20:00 - Cinema room 1

Audiovisual showing

A selection of videos from Gelen Jeleton: A DIY Archive (records)

More information: A DIY Archive (Records)


17 December

12:00 - Room Z

Conference: The contamination of the phrase (ES)

Mertxe Tranche


13:00 - Room Z

Conference: When women make you laugh (ES)

Isabel Franc


18:00 - Room Z

Audiovisual showing and conversation with the director

Irrintziaren oihartzunak. Exilios cinematográficosIratxe Fresneda, 2016, 54’

Organised in collaboration with the Equality Directorate of the University of the Basque Country


19:30 - Room Z

Conference and round table: feminist backstage with Christina Rosenvinge (ES)

Fanzine Bulbasaur in conversation with Christina Rosenvinge


22:00 - Guardetxea

Party with Christina Rosenvinge, DJ Miau, and DJ gurebesta


18 December

19:00 - Cinema room 1: For an impossible cinema. Documentary and avant-garde in Cuba (1959-1972). Session 10: Women

Salut les Cubains, Agnès Varda, 1962, 28'

Ella, Theodor Christensen, 1964, 35'

Iré a Santiago, Sara Gómez, 1964, 15'

Y tenemos sabor, Sara Gómez, 1967, 30'

More information: Session 10: Women






Feministaldia 2016 - #Plaza

XI. Kultura Feminista Jaialdia

  • Date: Monday, 12 December 2016 > Sunday, 18 December 2016