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Focus: Martin Rejtman

Martin Rejtman

“My job is to look, listen and, based on this, write or film. I work a lot with observation, with things that happen to me, that people tell me or that I see. I process everything in a strange way and it becomes a story or a script. And before I start writing or decide what I'm going to shoot, I study the area."

Martín Rejtman

Argentine writer, screenwriter and film director (Buenos Aires, 1961), Rejtman is one of those directors of whom one can be a big fan. We are: of his films and his characters, of his rare comedies, of how he films Buenos Aires, of how his characters walk, dance, listen to music and run, of his portraits, of his "special" rhythm (neither very fast or very slow), of the titles of his works, of his way of combining writing, cinema and style, of the everyday life and smallest details of his plots, of how they grow after his films, and, in short, of his way of understanding and creating cinema and literature. This is the Rejtman territory: a retrospective to his work, a workshop on cinema and writing and a carte blanche.


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  • Date: Friday, 3 June 2016 > Friday, 24 June 2016
  • Location: Cinema


Martín Rejtman

Argentinar idazle, gidoigile eta film zuzendaria.