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3D parametric CAD modelling workshop


New for this year, within the line of learning activities that we call Hirikikas, we will be starting a series of monthly workshops in which we will acquire the necessary knowledge to handle different free software programs with which to make up a toolkit of basic tools for a laboratory. 

The first of these will be about FreeCAD, a 3D parametric modeller originally created to design real-life objects of any size. Parametric modelling allows us to easily modify the designs made by returning to the history of the model and changing its parameters. 

  • Installation of FreeCAD, free software for the 3D parametric modelling of items.

  • Review of the repositories of 3D items and selection of examples for modification.

  • Analysis of other software such as Autocad, Tinkercad, 123D Design, CATIA and Solid Edge.

  • Exercise 1: modelling a peg.

  • Exercise 2: modelling of a vase.

  • Exercise 3: creation of a freely chosen item that, if possible, will be printed in the workshop.

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