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General access and admission rules for Tabakalera’s transit zones

The general access and admission rules set out here apply to Tabakalera's indoor open spaces and transit zones. The rules which apply to said areas need not coincide with those for other spaces such as exhibition halls, Ubik, the cinema and others.


1.- General rules

2.- Causes for removal


1.- General rules

Tabakalera’s spaces can be used in a variety of ways, and the basic rules of coexistence and respect towards all people and the space itself must be upheld. Please help achieve this by respecting the instructions given by Tabakalera staff and the rules established in each space.


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Tabakalera kale espazioa - haurrak eta silletak

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  • Animals: Dogs and other pets must be kept on a leash. Animals are not permitted when the space is being used for a public event, guide dogs excepted.

  • Alcoholic drinks: It is prohibited to enter the building with alcoholic drinks. Alcoholic drinks may only be consumed in the catering areas provided and occasionally during some specific events where permitted by the organisation.

  • Bikes: Non-folding bikes must be parked outside the building.

  • Children's prams: Under no circumstances should these obstruct circulation or access.

  • Eating: It is permitted to eat inside the building provided the area used is left clean and no activities are disrupted.

  • Smoking: Prohibited at all times.

  • Musical instruments and speakers: Not permitted unless part of a scheduled activity.

  • Toys: The use of remote-controlled toys, spin tops, marbles, balls, roller skates, bicycles or any other object with wheels is not permitted. Running inside the building is also prohibited.

  • Children: Children under the age of 6 (included) must always be accompanied by a responsible adult. Tabakalera shall not be responsible for their supervision at any time. Where guardians are found to be absent, the municipal services shall be contacted.

  • Furniture and building: Any behaviour that causes damage to these is prohibited.

  • Plants: It is prohibited to touch, move or water plants.

  • Lying down: Lying down or sleeping on the floor is not permitted.

  • Mobile phones: Mobile phones must be put on silent mode or their volume adjusted if their sound is a nuisance to other users or activities.

  • Transit areas: Blocking or hindering circulation within these areas is not permitted. Stairs, doors and other areas affected must remain clear in order to guarantee safety and evacuation in case of emergency.

  • Toilets: Must be kept clean before, during and after use.

  • Terrace: Climbing or sitting on the railing is prohibited. Tabakalera (Centro Internacional de Cultura Contemporánea, S.A.) shall not be held responsible for any consequence arising from its improper use.

All users must respect these guidelines as well as those established for each space. 


2.- Causes for removal

Improper use of Tabakalera’s facilities and/or breach of the rules will result in removal and ban from the building based on the type of breach committed.

The types of breach and corresponding penalties include, but are not limited to: 


1.- Repeated minor breach: 1-day ban.

Applies to those people displaying an antisocial attitude who have been verbally warned by the security guard on account of loud music, roller skates, dangerous games in general, creating mess, etc. provided their most recent attitude towards security personnel exercising their duties, the centre and other users was respectful.

2.- Serious breach: 15-day ban.

Applies to those people who have repeatedly committed a minor breach and failed to correct their behaviour: smoking, failure to supervise children under their charge, displaying a thuggish or defiant attitude, consuming drugs or alcohol, causing minor damage to the building, or misusing services and furniture. That is, serious antisocial behaviour which affects the harmony within the building.

3.- Very serious breach: 3-month ban or permanent ban.

  • Those people who have been subjected to a 15-day ban and who have failed to respect the length of the ban shall immediately be considered to have committed a very serious breach.

  • Repeat occurrence of a very serious breach.

  • Material damage knowingly made to the building.

  • Serious breach of the general rules.

  • Behaviours which affect the safety, dignity and the physical, sexual and moral integrity of other people sharing the space, including employees and other users.

  • All criminal acts committed on Tabakalera’s premises, as well as criminal acts which affect other users or employees or affecting the building’s resources and facilities.


All criminal acts will be considered very serious breaches, without prejudice to the relevant penal system and to notification being made to the competent police authorities. Tabakalera reserves the right to file the corresponding report.

In the event of a very serious breach, the Team Leader of the security service must issue a document or report to the Head of Security for the facility. The penalties for very serious breaches will be determined in accordance with the relevant circumstances and the damage caused and may include a temporary or permanent ban. Tabakalera’s management team shall take the overall decision as to whether the ban should be permanent.

The penalties for serious and very serious breaches shall be communicated to the users in question. The latter may submit a formal written complaint to Tabakalera. Said complaint shall be considered and responded to within ten days. In the case of minors, the relevant communication shall be addressed to their parents or legal guardians.