- Goldberg Versions - Ion Munduate, Ana Buitrago | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Goldberg Versions

Performance and conference

"There are a series of elements that Goldberg Versions has in common with my previous project, Translation, which are the basis of this new piece: the idea of the annotation of movement and specific indications to finally produce what is sought after and, lastly, being able to use a pre-existing piece as a base to produce choreographic material. The three main elements of reflection and research are: the music of Bach's Goldberg Variations, Steve Paxton's movement piece on the Variations, and Glend Gould's piano performance. Among these three moments, something is unleashed, something between Gould's extremely technical way of understanding Bach’s music, and Paxton's way of understanding movement, improvisation, and music, with the work of each exhibiting a simplicity, lightness, and fluidity that makes them seem effortless. As such, this project's starting point lies in a subjective perspective on the way movement is understood and transported through time, which is carved into something that is connected to the ability to simplify complexities in a sense that is absolutely essential for human beings.

Goldberg Versions is the exhibition of a work process based on the Steve Paxton original that he developed through improvised dance between 1985 and 1992. The latter is the year in which the film with Walter Berdin was shot, and is the video that I have worked on as an archive. I have collaborated with choreographer Ana Buitrago, who is connected to Paxton's work and was trained at the Movement Research school of Amsterdam. She also attended a presentation of Paxton's Variations in 1992, when they were performed and filmed for the purpose of archiving them. Working with her allows me to work with a dual perspective; with someone who knows the technique with which Paxton moves, and who has witnessed its execution in person."


Artistic assistance: Blanca Calvo
With Dance and Production assistance from the Basque Government's Department of Culture and support from Dantzagunea.
This work has been produced with the cooperation of Tabakalera.


Ion Munduate


Ana Buitrago

Choreographer and dancer.