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Goodbye, America

Goodbye America Al Lewis Sergio Oksman

Goodbye, America, Spain, 2006, 80', OV with spanish subtitles. DCP

Director: Sergio Oksman , Screenplay: Carlos Mugurio, Sergio Oksman and Elías Querejeta, Photography: Paul Mailman, Rafael Delauz , Live sound: Julio Recuero , Montage: Ángel Hernández-Zoido and Fernando Franco , Sound montage: Caros Faruolo, Producer: Elías Querejeta, Cast: Al Lewis, Scott Sliger, Karen Lewis.


We were told that vampires were not reflected in mirrors, but this documentary refutes that: Oksman portrays the old Al Lewis, 90 years of age, political activist, veteran of World War II, survivor of the witch hunts of Senator McCarthy, leftist candidate for governor of New York, speaker on the Pacific Radio of Berckley and vampire grandfather (cloak included) in the legendary television series The Munsters. Yes, it’s him, and this film accompanies him and voices his farewell: Goodbye, America, goodbye!

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