Harrotu ileak - Education project on identity, relationship and young people | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Harrotu ileak

Identity, Relationship and Young People

  • Year: 2016 > 2020

How do the young people who visit Tabakalera feel? What sort of relationship do they have with the building’s internal space? How do they use and experience it?

Tabakalera's mediation team has launched the Harrotu ileak project to respond to these questions. The programme proposes a two-pronged reflection: first, an attempt to encourage the young people to rethink the spaces they use, so that they take responsibility for the space and become involved in its corresponding rights and obligations; second, promoting reflection on the institutional level to define how and for what purpose its public spaces are used.

Since January 2017 a suite of activities has been carried out comprising the contact point between the educators and young people who use the building. We have delivered photography and video workshops, an open training session on Street Dance, an exhibition and a rap workshop with La Basu. During this first phase we also worked with Oihane Espúñez and Felipe Polanía.

For the 2017/18 school year, we have set a common goal: the collective development of a song. How will we achieve this? We will be assisted throughout by guests including Maite Arroitajauregi “Mursego”, Telmo Trenor, Javi Pez and Idoia Zabaleta, who we work with every Friday on the fifth floor of Tabakalera (Prism). In parallel, Tabakalera’s mediation team is seeking a common organisational outlook with which to strengthen the notion of ‘group’, consider the idea of ‘commitment’, rethink our use of the building’s shared spaces and, above all, reflect on the role of mediation in a highly vulnerable context.

If you are one of the young people who use Tabakalera in your free time and want to join the group, come up to the fifth floor (Prism). You’ll find us there every Friday between 6pm and 8pm.

You can also write to: hezkuntza@tabakalera.eu.

Harrotu ileak! Exhibition

24-03-2017 > 12-05-2017

Resident artists Oihane Espúñez and Felipe Polanía have begun a dialogue with the young people who visit the Tabakalera building, to get to know their concerns and involve them in the centre’s cultural offer. The working process has now been gathered in an exhibition.

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  • 05-07-2017 17:00 > 07-07-2017 20:30

    In this rap workshop, led by La Basu, we’ll...


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