The Wall - Helena Wittmann: 21,3º C - Helena Wittmann | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Helena Wittmann: 21,3º C

21,3ºC Helena Wittmann

A window.
An opposite window facade.
A room.
Luise and a phone call.
An action scene.
A construction site.
A musician.
The room temperature is 21,3°C.

The image of a room, its appearance changing with the shades of light. A window front, seen through the window. Changing flower arrangements on a side table.

Sounds, entering the room from outside the frame. A construction site hints at changes in the exterior. Rehearsals. Are the sound waves of the piano reaching us from downstairs or from next door? In 21.3°C Helena Wittmann reduces the filmic elements to the essentials: light, shadow, sound, direction. Out of this minimum, stories emerge that linger, atmospheres that resonate. Little by little the viewer is thrown back upon herself/himself. Through the facing window front someone seems to look back at us. Only the temperature remains the same.