- HIRIKIKAS: Printable robots - | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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HIRIKIKAS: Printable robots

“Printbots” are printable and free robots. This means there is an open community that shares designs so that anyone can create them using a 3D printer (just in case they have one at home). These robots are useful for developing simple, complete and cheap educative projects.

In this workshop we will develop several prototypes and pieces, so that we get to know ludic and educative possibilities that come from the community. Just like that, we will make a little introduction to 3D technologies and a variety of platforms and repositories, that are really useful to find information in order to develop the project.

The robot model that we are going to use in this workshop is the MiniSkybot. This one is a free and printable educational robot, whose construction and use information is available for everyone so that they can study, copy, modify or create. In addition, it has been designed exclusively using free software: operative system Linux, OpenScad, Frecad and Kicad. This guarantees the fact of being able to create derivative designs with no need of having a license or creating illegal copies of private software.

Being a free and printable robot, anyone can download and print it. Those that have no access to a 3D printer, they can ask a friend that owns one to print it, or they can go to a "hacklab".

During wednesday morning, we will work with #ikaskide14 participants, due to the fact that this workshop is part of that programation.